Broadteam creates solutions for the media industry

We build broadcast software by combining design and technology

Our Broadcast Products

Broadteam software - Skylog.io_logo is a cloud-based video indexation software

Index and retrieve any video moments for less then 5 seconds is a powerful subscription based software created for indexation of moments in video streams, recorded videos and live events.

Data is instantly available, stored, secured and accessible in the cloud.

A full search engine allows a fast and instant search for one or multiple keywords.
Create, retrieve and export precise data on video moments

  • A tool for indexation of video moments with keywords, comments, rating
  • Online and offline working mode
  • A user-friendly, customizable and intuitive user interface
  • Free cloud archivation and unlimited access to data
  • Subscription based format
Broadteam software - Omnium logo

An intuitive controller for Spectrum Video Server

Omnium is a multiport controller software for Spectrum Video Server offering great flexibility, a well designed  user-interface and an easy search in the Omneon storage.

Fast and easy to configurate, Omnium allows you to launch simultaneously multiple players and recorders.


Drag and drop, create, edit and save playlists.


Configuration of multiple instant or scheduled records

Coming soon


Our Team

The team Broadteam - Alain Bied

Alain BIED


Alain Bied


After spending more than 20 years in the software broadcast industry. Alain decided to co-create Broadteam in order to address the new needs of the business . He is now the CEO of BroadTeam.

The team Broadteam - Yoan Mallardeau



Yoan Mallardeau


His career started as an audiovisual engineer in the master control rooms. He has occupied several operational positions in the media industry before taking charge of the technical operations at BroadTeam.

The team Broadteam - Miroslava Pelovska



Mira Pelovska


Graduating in Architecture and International Business, Miroslava has worked in various startup companies before co-founding Broadteam with Alain and Yoan.

Why we do it?

Our Vision

Our top goal is to create applications that are effective and intuitive.

(We believe ) great tools should be well designed and affordable insuring a total control of users’ environments, needs and security.

We are convinced that progress is based on constant innovation by design, user-friendliness, improved functionalities and latest technology.
that’s why we put all our attention in creating amazingly designed softwares.

What we do

Our Skills

Software building


Our passion is driven by the processes of thinking, designing, creating and powering tools which bring full satisfaction to us and to our clients by improving their work life.

We are eager to create products that not only fits today’s needs and complex demand but which are also designed in a way to help our customers produce more with less efforts.


Customer happiness

Being available when our clients needs us the most is not only a priority for us.

We are here when it matters to our customers, it is part of our values and of our vision.  

Our experience allows us to take action during critical circumstances and solve unexpected situations.



Our long experience in the broadcast industry gives us a strong knowledge and understanding of the stakes and issues.

We have successfully achieved missions for top TV companies by  building the operational processes and by training the operators for the newly implemented playout systems.

Innovation by design

User experience

By putting the design process on the same level as technology we are able to offer our customers great user interfaces, well designed apps with big flexibility which let our users be creative in their own.
We imagine every software as a playground which users will enjoy playing at while being more efficient.

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