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Media Indexation Software

Logging: tag moments, export segments, publish in social network, send to edit stations or just archive important moments
Interface of Skylog,a media indexation software created by Broadteam and designed by Miroslava Pelovska. Image for mobile display



We understand our clients' need for agility
  • Total control of the working environment.

  • Create templates: Skylog.io offers the possibility to edit markers and keywords, choose colors, save, load and archive existing templates.

  • Create teams: Create, save and edit teams and participants in a video.


We understand our clients' need for motion

Work with videos or log live events with or without an internet connection and synchronize once connected back.

Lost internet connection: If the internet connection is lost during an online logging, Skylog stores the data locally and synchronizes it with the cloud once back online.


We understand our clients’ need for diversity

Work with multicam media as easily as you can imagine.

Logsheets can be post-synchronized with multiple videos.


We understand our clients’ need for speed

Data is instantaneously saved into the cloud, which makes it available right away everywhere.


We understand our clients’ need for security

Skylog guarantees its clients unlimited and everlasting access to their data.


We understand our clients’ need for assistance
  • Our databases are monitored 24/7 to give you the best quality of service.

  • 24/7 support chat is available.

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