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Routing, activation and insertion of data streams


  • Reception of Newfor and/or EBU-TT Live
  • Protocols: TCP, UDP, websocket
  • Routing toward inserter devices
  • Compatibility with Harmonic’s LACI system
  • Subtitles recorded on a STL file
  • Showcase through a web app
  • Activation, redirection and subtitle control through a web service
  • Multichannel management

The Data Router Dialogue Center is created for live subtitle management. It allows the routing, activation, insertion of incoming Newfor and EBU TT protocols on a multi-channel level.

The Data Router is totally compatible with Harmonic’s Laci System.

It offers the possibility to record subtitles on a STL file.

The whole package is managed and showcased through a user-friendly web-app.

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