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Sharing our knowledge and years of experience in the broadcast industry

Broadteam Consulting Services


With over 20 years of experience in the broadcast industry covering various projects from consulting to product design and development, we have had the opportunity to work on both sides – operational and engineering. This allows us to share a broad vision of the industry and take action in complex projects.


Our ability to write software specifications and develop applications, combined with our mastery of agile management, allows us to quickly determine priorities, track issues, fix problems and take action for media and TV companies.

We help


TV channels from scratch

Broadteam can deliver a turnkey television channel from scratch. Our knowledge of systems means we can embark on a fast decision-making and problem-solving process.

State of emergency

Our expertise in the broadcast industry allows us to work on rescue missions and help TV companies straighten and reform their workflow. We optimize their existing infrastructure and deliver support and fast training to the technical team.

Innovation & Optimisation

To optimize and master each stage of a project, we constantly monitor new technological solutions on the market.

We help our clients improve their workflow by optimizing processes, implementing the latest innovations, and bringing top solutions.

Our tool box

We have developed a range of tools and apps which help our clients monitor кеу data and workflow and better exploit their content.


Our mission is not over at the end of a project. We are available to ensure stable solutions over time. We provide great support when it’s needed.


Building effective teams is clearly a top goal for our clients, as it is for us. Finalizing a project includes creating an operational and fully trained team. That’s why we are fully dedicated to the team’s training.


Broadteam's broadcast consulting scheme

A standard process


  • Analysis of the existing system
  • Determining needs and identifying the problem
  • Analysis and identification of weakness points and risks
  • Determining urgent actions

Processing & Management

  • Process optimization
  • Implementation of innovative solutions
  • Specifications writing
  • Strategic planning with key objectives and goals
  • Project management

Support & Training

  • Onsite support
  • Online support
  • Training
  • Writing of technical procedures

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Our broadcast products

Skylog.io logging system Logo
Cloud and inhouse | Online and offline

Skylog is a web and desktop API based logging application for video and live streams. Create and edit metadata, save, export in workflows, in edit stations or in social media. Learn more →

Omnium Software Logo
Harmonic's Spectrum Media Studio -SMS Software

We provide a multi-desktop user-friendly controller for Harmonic’s video server. A full range of broadcast panels is available from players to multirecorders, subtitlers, watermarking tools and many more.  Learn more →

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Data Router Interface V1 Mockup

Data router is a routing web application for live flow management. Used in live subtitling or other data stream management.  Learn more →