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Your SpectrumX video server controller

Omnium has been built to help you in production and control rooms. Its versatility offers many uses and the user-friendly interface makes it effective and easy to use.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly GUI is effective and secure in production
  • Fast and easy configuration of players, recorders, keyers and mixers
  • Cost-effective
  • Great content management for your video servers
  • Back up your automation system using a reliable tool
  • Compatible for touch screen devices
  • Configuration of up to 3 desktops with custom backgrounds
  • Lock and unlock position of elements
  • Scalable panels


  • Create, edit and save playlists
  • Edit TC for each media in the playlist
  • Open various broadcast formats of playlists
  • Loop function
  • Etc.


  • Instant and/or scheduled records
  • Configuration of multiple simultaneous records


  • A visual mixer with On Air and Preview bar
  • Fade / cut transition
  • Set and save your source name by channel


  • Set your own Macro (player, keyer, graphic, mixer control)
  • Save your Macro Bar by channel
  • Have quick access to take out all keyers (emergency case)
  • View on the graphics Stock by Channel


  • Edit the subtitles in STL format
  • Play/Stop the subtitles
  • Manage and display the live subtitling in various protocols
  • Automatically record the live subtitling in STL format for rebroadcast
  • Manage the stock of STL files


  • Frame accurate digitalization


  • Profile management


  • File Intelligent Transfer Service

Quick and easy

1 . Organize your space

A quick setup of the interface

2 . Prepare your operations

A full toolbox to pilote the server

3 . Operate

An intuitive design to optimize your work

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